Line By Each

The witch's sight improved at nite

The woods grew tall, tall trees.

A cage of monkeys

A bowl of fish,

Buy me a loaf of bread,


She saw what tales could be told.

Squirrels live high, high up.

A bag of peanuts,

A box of crumbs,

When you're at the store.


Of clandestine thievery and repugnant trickery,

Squirrels run down, down the trunk,

A clown in the air

A tank in a room,

Two jars of peanut butter, too.

Cast in the cold cool light.  

Burying deep, deeper their future meals.

The ring master bows.

The algae spreads,

And don’t forget the jelly.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem from my teen years reworked 

a fun poem of each line of each stanza is a poem read down line 1 with line one of next verse and so on. 

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This made me think about my

This made me think about my own amusing nuts and squirrels and things that make me smile.  I quite enjoyed my visit to and found it adorable.


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pretty creative

pretty creative

ron parrish

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you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish