Can I See You Yesterday

2016 Era of Edward

Can I see you yesterday? 

Kisses fall like painter’s snow

On oil laced canvases

Of brilliant blue.

Can I see you a week ago?

Lips on lips and breath on breath,

Sunlight picks up the autumn glow

On satin skin.

Can I see you a month preceeding?

Caresses trace,

The summer light

On cheeks.

Can I see you a year gone past?

Can I see you in the decades before?

The quarter centuries and the golden annuals?

The diamond jubilee?

Eyes to eyes,

Time on time,

You give the answer 

To the question I asked;

When would you like to see me again? 

Yesterday is not soon



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finished poem 

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allets's picture

Hey djtj!

Great pix. Love time leaping verse. ~s~



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A lovely expression of

A lovely expression of longong