In The Mirror

Life is a reflection

Much affection

My attraction

Leaps to action

I see what i want to be

I see who i am

I dream of changing what i see

For im not my biggest fan

Tears roll down my eyes as i stare

My heart leaps out loosing my power

I know myself that i must care

But i cannot see more than this for the hour

I musn't see what they see in me

I shant fall and die

Standing here in my body

I really want to cry

My flesh is to dark

My personality to light

I cannot find the missing part

I dont try to be too white

I am ugly

I am beautyful

Maybe all thats in between

I am dirty

I am not

From a wisper to a scream

Take me

Make me

Feel what i feel

Hurt like me

You are me,we are one

You should be able to see

The inside of me

Your my heart

Your my soul

Your my spirt

Your My Reflection

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Nov 16, 2005

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