When You Look at Me'

Just a thought!

Standing there, in silent pause, you weep behind the pane,

You look at me and see yourself, with nothing more to gain.

A forward view depresses you, all caught up in the past,

You say you know, but won't let go of shadows that you cast.

Look at me, what do you see?... Your heart has no desire,

When all you do is dwell on what was, there's no future to inspire.

Take a peek, deep down inside, and you'll see those painful ties...

You need a new start, so release your heart'...The mirror never lies'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"When You Look at Me"

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It paints

A picture

That they see.


 When you look


You try to see.

What has

Been revealed

 To you

 If you would

 Change your mind


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Is Everything

That they don't see


 You write

 Another line .

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I agree it has a beautiful

I agree it has a beautiful flow, indeed. Both enchanting and haunting. Love it :) 

Let your teeth show

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Love the rhyme and flow,

Love the rhyme and flow, great poem :-)