Unholy Hallow's Evil LVII

Seasons In Hell

Samhain Satan

In Nomine Satanas Potentiam Inferus!

The Sabbath crests, the nights deepen, Magic lingers heavy in the air. The Rites of Darkness beckon. Burn thy parchments by Hellfire to receive the sacrifices, gather thine symbols, affirm thine allegiance to The Forces of Darkness, and may the tricks & treats be resplendent! The Gates are open! I bid you a most empowering Unholyday!

Hail Helloween! Hail Samhain! Hail Satan! SO IT IS DONE

~ Rev. Blackthorne
Noctuary, Hallows Evil LVII


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Satanas Winds howl on this Wicked Wednesday, overcast skies prevail, heavy mist looms o'er The Haunted Noctuary. I enjoyed the wee hour conglomeration with Belialian brew amidst the rush of Nature. The breath of the Drægon overcasts the land, and leathern wings course from Hell. I Am rejuvenated, inspired, empowered.

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