My ode to BBC Radio Wales


Bethan, Felicity, Oliver too

had to write a poem to you

came to see you last friday

about the life of Stormy

a fitting send off he had

of which the family is glad


and partially thanks to you

and also the rest of the crew

highlighting issue of veterans

Arctic Stars not getting them

some did, through the post

an utter disgrace I propose


forces must have top brass

envelopes show little class

we'd be speaking German by now

if my dads generation kowtow'd

Stormy's send off, can't stop there

government must show us they care


MP's best wishes, convoy museum

with respect for their freedom

owed to the likes of my dad

of his friendship, many so glad

thanks again for your interest in

dads adventures on a ship of tin


that at minus 60 was a fridge

yet dad was brave, didn't flinch

he dived in one time

icy waters without a line

deadly waters, can kill in a minute

bravery like that, WW2, bound to win it


now he's in a much better place

full of love and the divine's grace

no wars to fight, money too

his battle for life, couldn't loose

he is with the family always

now walking heaven's hallways


hey guys forgot to say

the music request required today
by The Spinners, Please play
it's an old sea shanty song
and its so easy to sing along
words apt too 'Stormy's gone'


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ode to bbc wales:


A heartfelt poem, full of family and national pride and memories. And justified critisism of governments lack of finesse in military acts of bravery. Loved your descriptive write and the story content.

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