My ode to Kloppo

current affairs


Hey kloppo, how do you do?

Had to write a poem to you

love your style of management

blend of crazy and passionate

unlucky your defeat saturday

more quality days coming definitely


It was a match, hav's and have nots

great game, had the lot

now Bayern will buy your best

will have to find someone else

to fight in yellow and black

have to sign players on longer contracts


The success of your national team

should b grateful to you definitely

finding all that home grown talent

doing it again your next challenge

sure you can cope easily

goodwill of the world definitely


are you related to Ian Holloway

you could be most definitely

love your carefree attitude

you surely love what you do

every neutral cheered for you

on Saturday, that's the truth


last year, watched the final with

my dad, this year none of it

dad passed away on Wednesday

better off now where he lay

no more suffering involved

and Saturdays game, watched the lot

I know he never will die

just passes on to the next life


And Kloppo many thanks again

for your brand to entertain

on and off the pitch

many opponents been bewitched

Many new fans of yellow and black


me included, that’s a fact

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