If you love someone set them free


If you love someone, set them free


If you love someone, set them free

to alter or change their reality

for some their time comes premature

for others, just no cure

Some suffer damage accidentally

to their amazing physical bodies

disease, illness take lives too

which one's gonna effect you?


Wear and tear takes the rest

new beginnings to behest

change of state, spirit bound

loose those feet on the ground

our bodies not built to last

things pack in, like an old car

hoses corrode, parts seize up

and when they do, your stuffed


yet your body is not your soul

which lives on don't you know

we cannot die for the life of us

which makes us full of amazing luck

everlasting life is a gift for all

doesn't matter if your body falls

and cannot support your spirits life

needs to be strong to cope with strife


loved ones, anyone fighting for life

please look on the bright side

if they have had a good innings

they are the one already winning

so much hunger, suffering on earth

it's a great option having a re-birth

it simply is a change of state

body to spirit; struggle extricate


no more fights, bills, hospital wards

not forgetting any senseless wars

the spiritworld, devoid of suffering

held together with total loving

even better for loving families

hate, anger, arguments all history

the spectre of death; ultimate silver lining

especially when the sun is shining

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about my fathers battle for life, shortly to come to an end

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