my ode to skeptics

My ode to skeptics


are you a skeptic or open minded?
your beliefs keeping you permanently blinded?
name any great skeptic from the past?
think you can, your having a laugh


History doesnt remember the doubters
just the pioneers like it ought ta
those with life changing ideas
But not the designers of furniture from Ikea


Ides have much greater resonance
than any negativity or low vibration dance
and just cos something sounds off the wall
doesn't mean the ideas not plausible


just cos it don't fit into the system now
or too any modern premice does it cow tow
who says our thinking is maxed out at all
Our science DOES NOT encourage us to walk tall


Not everything in existence today
has a trick to it i do say
You might have watched Derren Brown
but hes just worked out how to disempower


skepticism is a distortion of curiosity
both coming from the left brain solely
but the right brain, together with the whole
that has the ability to know


so sceptics only operate with half a brain
and i know this sounds quite insane
but impossible for the macro view
from any sceptic, does this include you?

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