my ode entitled planning ahead

My Ode entitled Planning Ahead

Planning too far ahead
Put’s barriers in your head
You don’t see all the ways
That will create brighter days
This is the job of higher mind
Angels too, and the divine

Nobody wants added restrictions
There’s already enough of them
Everything you eat, drink or watch
And you don’t see the lot
Been brought up with all of them
Designed to trick you out of heaven

Be conscious of what you do
And also what you think too
Plans are good in moderation
Just don’t have too many of them
Your guides have much better plans
Less chance of stuff hitting fans

More than one way to skin
Not just a cat, anything
You can only rely on life lessons
No substitute for experience
But this is only part of the story
The spirit world, the unseen glory

Angels, guides, family members too
All ready willing and able to help you
Extra guides if magi or star seed
With amazing advice you must heed
To climb Jacob’s ladder of life
Higher you get, less strife

Don’t put anything on the stairs
Else life will be shaped like a pear
Instead of love based symmetry
And the most sacred of geometry
No expectation helps and guides
You on quality but invisible tramlines

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