my ode entitled get rid of guilt and fear



Get rid of Guilt & Fear


Lost my wallet this morn
Tho over it I do not mourn
Over a hundred stirling pounds
Bank cards drivers licence,
more: Inconvenience Galore


Nobody’s fault but my own
Poor cash storage: Now gone
It was difficult to let go
A lot of money don’t you know


I have no room for guilt or fear
chews up between your ears

Lower vibration exponentially
don't want anywhere near me

The old me would certainly be

Running around frantically


Saw a minute or two of that
Just old programming: Fact

Soon resigned to the loss
But my ego did re-surface

Now disappeared completely

Back; the new and improved me

Forgive yourself: All indiscretion

More crucial than asking anyone

And keep loving yourself too
Then guilt and fear can’t grab U

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written summer 2012, and i got my wallet back with all the cash

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