my ode to starseeds


ode to Starseeds

tell you about being a starseed
not all it's cracked up to be
cos not all emissary's of light
shine a beacon of bright
some treat you like a toy
not something you would enjoy

and they freely admit it too
do you think i'm talking about you?
things messing up without explanation
starseeds, residents of most nations
fascinated with the multiverse?
i'm betting a starseed family curse

It's no curse in a magical sense
just a deal done in the distance
between a previous life of yours
and your chosen star system cause
don't worry, most are amazing
ying yang, bad apples in everything

can get rid of quite easily
like the ones finally free from me
you get Archangel Michael too
cut all the chords attached to you
but you have to ask a third party
as control everything your cosmic family

Implants in your pineal gland
elsewhere too, very prevalent
Umbilical chords also connect you
to your cosmic family this is true
warning though,if decide to loose
your cosmic family WILL DAMAGE YOU

not on purpose, just leaving stuff in
glad now gone, only lead to suffering
Pleiadian emissary's brought their bots
i'm so grateful, got rid of the lot
now no longer a Pleiadian starseed
of cosmic family: totally free

But I re-iterate most are nice
and can give you loads of advice
fix things,maintenance, re-pattern your brain
think like a dolphin; Truly amazing
loads of other things they can do
even the bad ones obliged to help you

so ask your higher self today
if your cosmic family are causing dismay
and if they are please get rid
and i'm happy to be lifting the lid
not all light beings do shine bright
some play with their charges; tight

your higher self will always be
a reliable brick of invisibility
get a pendulum and ask your higher
6th density self if your in cosmic mire
and if they are get archangel Michael
to cut the chords of your personal hell

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