my ode entitled 'energy flows where attention goes

Energy flows where attention goes

A little thing that I’v been told
Energy flows where attention goes
In whatever direction you choose
Your energy is yours to loose

Wherever you may decide to point
Your attention, your energy anoints
This is more than likely your TV
A machine built to steal your energy

Don’t forget your computer or PC
To that you choose to give energy
You may choose another direction
I’m betting based on consumerism

Because this capitalist belief system
All rigged to steal your heaven
Steals your energy at every turn
Tv’s, pc,s, mobile phones: LEARN

All designed to steal your energy
With careful use of sacred geometry
The less energy you give away
The more for you: Brighter days

You need all the energy for yourself
To surf, not wade through this hell
If you don’t see this world as grim
The current system, all the suffering

Google silent weapons for quiet war
Bill Cooper, he knew the score
They have stolen your spirit too
I’m no liar, I speak the truth
Only one person needs your energy
Would be You: Not the Illuminati

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KindredSpirit's picture

Interesting poem

And good title that caught my attention

On the side bar.

I see you two had an extension

Of the poem going on.

All good.


DaztheDruid's picture

cannot stop the rhyme just do

cannot stop the rhyme

just do it all the time

and big love from me

directed with some poetry

Morningglory's picture

Where awareness goes, energy

Where awareness goes, energy flows...
When you turn your eyes to love it grows...
So turn your attention away from TV....
Focus it then on community...

Copyright © morningglory

DaztheDruid's picture

and spread love where

and spread love where required
the west is indeed in a mire
most been spiritually robbed
high vibration, had their lot

Morningglory's picture

With open heart I send my

With open heart I send my light...
The only way I can truly fight.
The darkness of the world is grand.
It will brighten as we let love in...

Copyright © morningglory