Love of Money



Love of Money


Utmost admiration for every Muslim nation
Their people, taught from an early age
Very important, a sense of direction
To Mecca, six times a day they pray
And their god is god not money


Followers of other eastern religions
Again command my utmost respect
Very spiritual, connected to heaven
Money has a minimum effect


Because they aren’t following any sect

Then I take a look at the west

And all it’s organized religions
Most pray to rampant consumerism

Doesn’t stop some from connecting to heaven

But most spiritually vacant: No direction

Is your god, god, cash or the TV?
I propose, most in the west; last two
Ruthless cash accumulation, soap junkie?


They don’t know god, but do you?
If not, can you be bothered to do?

Everything in this world, carefully designed
To stop you from seeking out god

To confuse you in the choice of the divine

Of finding god; drastically lowering the odds
It’s a simple slavery issue: Or not!

Connect with god in yourself today and
The divine can guarantee better days


Master Jesus kicked the money lenders out
Root of all evil, love of money
better than a life of slavery


Once your surfing the material world

Instead of sucked in to produce
Life becomes s o much easier
Instead of feeling like a noose
Choose divinity; and break free of materiality

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