New arsehole(a poem dedicated to Sananda whos back real soon=


greetings people how do?

had to write a poem to you

about a future of peace and love

enforced from the above

(cos they got bigger guns)


the dark have had their fill

hiding things because there's no one to Bill

been robbing us for many a year

and about the people they just don't care


this way of life will change soon

then an undoubted humanity boom

going to start with the Pleiadian Sananda

before Christmas,all over social media


do the big man a favour spread his videos

before no doubt the lowest of the low

try to erase him from history again

chill,they couldn't kill him now or then


he tells me there's a meeting in a few weeks

with all the perpetrators, hide and seek

they've already lost their extraterrestrial Crews

they got the runs, and can't find a loo


I won't go into detail, who will it be?

not hard to workout definitely

all the trouble in the world in one basket Case

and if they kick off, no smiles on their face


the dice are loaded anyway

in this(not)the End of Days

that's just Christian self-fulfilling prophecy

all Christian Believers manifesting a monstrosity

(all powerful magicians you and me be)


when the future so bright we gotta wear shades

you know where you can stick the end of days

and Sananda going to rip the cabal a new arsehole

as well as fixing the ozone hole


and everyone is getting a lump sum

which will signal the resumption

of the Golden Age we are in

an end to war,pain and suffering

and this is coming real soon

to a town or city near you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Channeled from the galactic central sun

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