My First Date


I can't believe this,

we haven't seen each other in two years.

But in moment's he made my heart stutter

and awakened old fears.

I feel like a shining star

and I want to be childish and celebrate

How could this be happening friday

I can't seem to wait.

What should I wear?

What time should I even be there?

Should I wear a dress?

Or do something special with my hair?

I'll admit that I'm nervous

but then again who isn't

I'll make sure this is the best time ever

one he won't soon forget.

I'll be absolutely gorgeous that night

and make sure he thinks...... WAIT---

Why am I so excited?

I'm not even sure this is actually a date....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know its sad.... I'm 18 and have never been on a single date xD

I even went to prom alone.... Shame on me

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Morningglory's picture

You went to prom alone? Aw.

You went to prom alone? Aw. Good luck on your date! ;)

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DazedByLife's picture

I went to prom alone because

I went to prom alone because a guy was afraid to ask me xD.

I looked like on hot mermaid tamale thing

and thanks!

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Mermaid Tamale? LOL

Mermaid Tamale? LOL

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DazedByLife's picture

Only way I could describe it

Only way I could describe it xD