She Who Was The Child Of A Volcano. (part 4/4)

She Who Was....

He began to erupt angrily

saying that she was reckless and bold.

Which only made her skin start to heat

saying dying should be easy for he is too old.

He was so angry at his daughter

it wasn't a surprise that the groud started to quake.

Damon,her love, told her they could still leave

but she silenced him with a head shake.

She told him that though this village hated her

and the children avoided her making her cry.

She wasn't as heartless as her father

saying she couldn't leave or they would die.

And so she began to climb up high

up and up her father's side

whilr he still continued to shake with anger

and with a hurt pride.

She finally reached the top of the volcano 

and shouted down her loving goodbye

promising she would save them all

but she and her father would die.

Her father never ceased shaking as she fell

but said with a voice filled with strife.

"No my daughter you must live on,

for you child are my life.

She hit the lava and the volcano smoked out

and her abandoned love shouted through tears,

" You see what she has done for you?

died to save you despite your anger and fears!"

The village looked up at the volcano 

and as one began a loud and mournful cry

Then with Damon they traveled up

to tell dear Bonnie goodbye......








But when they reached the top

they recieved the shock of their life no doubt.

Because at the bottom lay a BLONDE haired Bonnie

saying calmly, "Damon can you help me out?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my phone wouldnt let me type more sk i  had to make it 4 parts

if you are confused.... her fatber poured his life fprce into her to keep her alive. And her hair change colors because the red was part of her father that left them linked and he's dead now so....

The poem has typos that i shall fix tomorrow

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Giggles! Enjoyed the reads!

Giggles! Enjoyed the reads! Thanks for the ride and the smiles.

Copyright © morningglory

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You're welcome and I'm glad

You're welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed them