She Who Was The Child Of A Volcano. Part 1/4

She Who Was....

There was a girl who lived in

a village, way down below.

Spouted from a volacano,

skin with a red-tinged glow.

She cried out her eyes,

and broke all their hearts.

but when they touched her

their hands burned, they noticed with a start.

There was a smart young me.

Who cooed to her saying "Don't cry"

And as the girl settled down.

the rumbling volcano sound would die.

The girl slowly cooled down

as the volcano flamed out.

And her skin was translucent,

while her hair was fiery, What's that about?

So the young man took her in,

this girl that wasn't normal at all.

And each time she'd cry,

 the volcano erupted, as if answering a call.

So the villagers wanted to kill her,

just to throw her in the lake.

They knocked the man out and

tried to run, but the ground began to quake.

"Put my daughter down, you cads,

ye men of mortal blood.

Or I shall in turn kill your wives and dauighters

In a lava filled flood."

"To whom are we speaking with,"

called the one who was most brave.

"I am the spirit of the volcano,

you meek and mortal nave."

They dared not anger the mountain more,

and brought the small girl back.

The young man who thought they had killed her,

halted his own attack.

They told him what the volcano said,

and promised they'd never try

to hurt this little girl again,

just to make sure she didn't cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is part 1 to the poem. there will be three parts. 1: infancy. 2: Adolensce 3:Adult

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Loved it! Thank you. :)

Loved it! Thank you. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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You're welcome and glad you

You're welcome and glad you did!