She Who Was Made Of Flowers

She Who Was....

There was once a girl,

Crafted completely of flowers.

She did not belong to our world,

for her beauty held powers.

She could bring men to their knees,

and made the lesser men weak.

But her perfect illusion was shattered

each time she dared to speak.

For this girl made of flowers,

well she had no heart.

Nothing could bring a smile to her lips,

nor cause her eyes to spark.

Her voice was flat and monotone,

and her face held no emotion,

But alas it was just her face, her beauty,

that brought on men's devotion.

A kiss from her lips was like heaven,

and it was said they could heal any wound, even fatal.

But though men professed love to her,

she could never return it, she simply wasn't able.

But still men marveled at her beauty,

barely able to look away from her eyes.

But her lips never twitched toward a smile,

nor did her strange eyes show surprise.

Her eyes were blue like Dendrobium Orchids,

so beautiful, innocent, and oh so bright!

They shined forth like crystal clear water,

even in the deepest, darkest, dead of night

Her hair was the most vivid of reds,

as if it was made of the petals of a rose.

her sweet skin permanently blushed pink,

with yellow freckles. Like an Abelia to her toes.

And her lips.... Oh, her lips! perfectly pursed,

as if she just kissed the petals of a Black Magic.

Bringing all her features together and closer,

making her look delicate and a beauty so classic.

Even her face was the shape of a petal,

a beautiful Apple blossom and the peak of bloom.

But her voice was like ice.... bearing down on you...

smothering you with a premonition of doom.

Oh this beautiful girl made of flowers,

like a delicate china doll, should be put on display.

For we fear her beauty may wilt with the seasons,

which change so much as they may.

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Ijust finished writing a poem

Ijust finished writing a poem that goes along with this one in the whole Fantasy Woman topic called She Who Was Born With Wings

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This is nice and I also like

This is nice and I also like the descriptions. I once knew a girl who had lost her face in a fire, and at one time was very beautiful. She said you would be surprised how many lost people there are in the world who think outer beauty means inner beauty. I knew this girl in school who all the boys loved because they said she was sexy. Later on I learned it was her self confidence that attracted them. Most men are just little boys grown big who really just want a mama.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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I agree with the last part of

I agree with the last part of your statement. Mainly because ive seen girls who everyone considered beautiful who hated themselves or whom were basically vegetables with lips