Verbal Virginity


I am a verbal possibility,

The new poetic Socrates.

Spreading wisdom through my words,

Pen sailing across paper with expertise.

I am the verbal manifestation,

providing you with a point of view.

Never giving into old,

presenting you with something new.

I am the verbal ocean blue,

drowning you with my words.

Filling your head with images,

flying freely as the birds.

I am the verbal village idiot,

Making you laugh with tales of whimsy

Barely making a lick of sense,

my explanations are oh so flimsy.

I am Verbal Virginity,

Popping the cherry of rhyme,

cascading through life slowly,

changing and adapting along with time.


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amazingly written, crafted, creative, and full of imagery. this piece deserves to be published. 

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Thank you! Alas its hard to

Thank you! Alas its hard to get published *sigh*