ThoughtShock: A Manifesto Chapter 12


Chapter Twelve
'What's in your head?'

What's in your head?
Best open your eyes to the carnival before you, a mad circus complete with 'puppets on a string'. Just how much more are you willing to give up? How many more sacrifices will you make before you start feeling any safer in this insane world we are living in? And do you remember nothing of our history? Our past transgressions meant to be a lesson but now obviously forgotten, traded away for ten second stars who sets the trend for the coming weeks.
It comes as no surprise to me that our entire system is starting to collapse in on us, it was buckling for years yet an entire generation decided to bury their head in the sand leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. The same ones who set the dominoes up are the same ones who teach our children that when you get in trouble all you need to know is how to buy your way out of it now. All the kings men, could not kiss enough ass to make this dieing system work.
What's in your head?
While you are distracted, bickering over the small petty issues the world is dieing. I fear a much worse storm is brewing over the horizon however. Like moths to the flame, with our mentality we become brain dead by the flashy lights of popular culture. Hypnotized by the slick fast talking teleprompter reading suit, that sits behind his desk in the news room. Believing without a doubt what this little opinion head is saying. Only moments before going live on the air a buzz ringing in his ear as a mysterious voice instructs him to sway his followers to that view. Puppet masters behind the curtains shape the direction of what is public opinion. Millions upon millions of dumbasses.

It becomes a hard pill to swallow, the vary idea or thought of what I write could cost me my freedom. I have grown accustomed to the fact that being a writer I will offend some people with what I have to say, and some that can be violent when offended. However to be locked up and imprisoned for speaking or possibly even thinking something that goes against popular opinion is sickening and down right disturbing in itself. You call yourself civilized, however a civilized man would not ignore the constitution even if the topic offended them.

Before you think I am slipping into insanity, that I am crazy to think our freedom of speech is safe, you my friend desperately needs to wake up from your dream. Free speech is long dead, Why would we need “free speech zones”? Why are there even laws on the books to detain and fine non violent protesters? Why is it that we cannot even question what the “official” word is without fear of being dragged out of the building, pepper sprayed, or flogged for “stepping out of line”. Like our constitution the vary fabric of what being free means has become nothing more than a relic. Like the great pyramids, it's just a symbol, does not mean anything.

Believe me or not, but your shackles and chains are not made of iron or steel, but rather your labor in the money you so preciously revere. The almighty dollar has become your drug, the substance you crave with a high so powerful you revolve your entire life around it. An object that has no more power than what we decide to give to it. So explain to me again why the dollar sitting in my wallet continues to shrink, not in size but in value?

What's in your head?

“Dead babies in your hands,
your crusade to change other lands.
Remember the sacrifice, we may have to do it twice.”

Dropping bombs in the name of peace. A crusade we are going to lose and corruption like cancer has spread throughout the entire damn system. From the ground up, its infected our sense of logic. What is right? What is wrong? Who the hell knows anymore and I can actually see the smiles on the faces of these strange people. Either completely oblivious or genuinely happy about being under the boot of the hungry beast. What just as long as you are not whipped too hard?
Zombies unaware of what real freedom is, and means. Instead you force a law onto another for something you disapprove of or find offensive. You are free to live, just as long as you live how they want you to live. Free to choose, just as long as it's a choice they give. Then you get scared, forget for a moment that life is a lot like running blind with scissors, and that we all will eventually die. So you begged and begged for protection and security. Tell me how did that work out for you?
Everything is fine, just as long as you spend that sacred dollar, work and cash that paycheck. I must ask, have you ever stopped long enough to realize that in this moment through all the distractions. There is a method to the madness, it shadows all the stupidity. That in this illusion we perceive to be real is not, and the reality of the moment is by far stranger and much more complex. So chaotic that our brains can only comprehend a fraction of the picture.
We strive so hard for perfection, when it is all around us. Our minds rot from a cocktail of mundane routines that have us trapped in a broken loop. If only to see this world in new eyes again. To witness it as if it were the first time. In the vacuum of space hangs a tiny blue planet. Lush with all kinds of life, and if that is not a miracle I truly do not know what one would be.

So once again I must ask, What's in your head?

“Left for Dead”

Everyone travels this open road,
driven by things we are told.
Can you hear my voice miles away?
In your head, you listen anyway.

“Had you found your courage, in the face of danger?
Never gave in, stood toe to toe against your fear?
Can you find your heart, when you face the world alone?
While staring into the abyss,
trying to make sense of all this.”

illusion that offers no promise,
standing at the edge seeking forgiveness.
Living in such a cruel and brutal existence,
and everyday you bare witness.

I thought I had seen it all, until I saw that angel fall.

Left for dead, left to rot
No use struggling when the system has been bought
remember this moment, the coward who ran
sold your soul in one great scam

Lets blame everything on another,
closing your eyes to beat your brother.
Stabbing god in the back, you would sell your own mother.
Misery shadows your every step
as you make yet another regret.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd like to introduce Chapter 12 of my book "ThoughtShock: A Manifesto" As my mission continues to try and wake up as many dumbasses as possible! :D

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wow! talk about thought shock!!!!???

I am very much in agreement with most of what is said, powerful, powerful verses too, God I love these!! BRAVO!!! fantastic!!

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