ThoughtShock: A Manifesto Chapter 9


Chapter Nine
'America Lost'

“Can you remember a time when there was peace,
Walking through the grassy meadow.
Everything calm, feeling the gentle breeze
Time seems to evaporate, These memories will grow.”

..........Wake up;

You are living within a dream. The flashy and fancy lights dangle and sparkle before your eyes. Distracting you, while they brand you and your children like you were nothing more than cattle. Sleep for now your child is saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and this, this is all our fault.

You may not have pulled the trigger to the bailouts, or lost billions of dollars or even toppled the dominoes on the many bubbles in the economy. However it was our responsibility to keep the powers that be, at bay. Our job was to elect officials into office who know and understand the limits of what “government” should and should not do. We have allowed wolves to sneak in with the blind and ignorant. Feeding them lies like sugar. Brainwashing their common sense into utter insanity.
We have lied to ourselves for years, living in a constant state of ignorance, that everything was fine or would be taken care of. Only our bliss is eroding and fast. Leaving us to witness the cruelty of our own device, the monster we created. The harsh reality that we are prisoners in our own castle. With the freedom to chose what they allow us to chose.

In this life, the end result will be one of two things, a free society. One that was founded on the principle of individual rights. The other I hate to even think about, a complete totalitarian society complete with our own black bag men. For this universe, this reality is based off of polar opposites. There is no middle ground when it comes to liberty. When this entire song and dance is finally played out, we will see either freedom or bondage in this once great nation.

Anyone with half a mind can see the writing on the wall, the pattern before their eyes. The pieces so clearly visible. Our constitution is shreds of it's former glory, only whispers of promises to protect your rights now as they still cast the illusion that your rights are protected, when they are now only safe guarded by their word. After all they would not lie, would they? Do not be mistaken, The executive branch now holds the powers of a dictator, a revolving door of rotating power heads.

Lost is the reason to the madness, that terror lurks around every corner. Trust is bartered for greed, as neighbors are urged to spy and obtain if any reward money. Kid's lemonade stands being shut down by force with threats of punishment. Fine or arrested for milking your own cow, and selling it to friends or family. Raids on organic farms where sanity is flipped on its back. It does not stop there, if you dare speak out against such “activities” or dare “question” you are put on a watch list, for simply speaking your mind, and don't you dare make someone feel threatened, The hate speech will suck a few dollars from your pocket.
Guilty until proven innocent, in a civilized society as you walk through the magnetic scanner. Even your children could be the devil in disguise, so they too need to be screened and patted down.
Watch carefully those words that escape your lips, or those painted to that sign. Tread softly for now those words can be a crime. Dare not say the wrong thing in front of a secret service member.
Only a true dictator, king or tyrant would believe they have the right, or the moral justification to assassinate another living being. You call yourself civilized. No man, no mob or posse has the right to be a person's judge, jury, and executioner. As the mob and posse have already been swayed and only want blood. Assassinations, a cowards weapon of choice to resolve an issue.

“Give me a twenty one gun salute
down the hatch with Turkey, crown, and absolute
Russian roulette the rider behind the wheel
a suicide dash, for every colored pill”

For just a moment, step outside your reality
expand your mind as it becomes your key
For just a moment, step outside of your box
close your eyes, for your soul is the paradox
take a breath, and claim the moment.

Perception is the reality we all see,
as deception slowly strips away our morality
There is no math, no science
that could explain our conscious.

With one foot already in our grave,
we proudly march on towards that dark day
It will be the crash heard around the world.
A crash to test our true worth.
We have broke the code to life,
cured disease by surgical knife
and yet we still fail to understand ourselves.

“When will the insanity end?
Everyday its growing harder to pretend”

I see a world turned upside down,
I see a society worshiping a golden crown.
Yet it puzzles me still,
how blindly they are willing to just kill.

“Pain becomes a tidal wave, smashing against the rocks”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chapter Nine of ThoughtShock: A Manifesto,
It's hard to describe where my muse came from on this one, I know a lot of emotion behind this is anger which was easy to find tonight due to some hard headed bosses. I would like to add I did enjoy writting this one, and touched on MANY topics I've written about before but also on some I havent.