Finally Sun Shines


This winter is coming to an end

and the best thing I can proclaim today

is: I saw a red robin, especially bright

through the snow-piled leaves of acorn trees,

and other birds chirping

in the ethereal echoes of snow. Suddenly

my soul is feeling true peace, as the red bird

dances and intricately weaves its beauty

perfectly into my vision, hopping on branches

hopping, hopping on the cozy white dream,

enchanting eternity in some crazy scheme

of its own divine force of natural glee.

So many rhymes makes me wanna fly 

through the sky like that gliding little thing.


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patriciajj's picture

With an elegant and symbolic

With an elegant and symbolic focus on a robin, you invite us into its ecstatic life and a deeper connection with the life force that drives creation as well as the promise of renewal. Beautifully constructed, transcending and inspiring, this was a truly uplifting journey. Glorious work. 

J9thxciv's picture

Beautiful choreography of a

Beautiful choreography of a moment that needed a Poet of your stature to preserve it in words, forever; and the conclusion is splendidly stunning and so personalized.


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