False Gods?


the symbolic aspect in our lives

we have cherished forever, changes

but the source stays the same.

Who's to blame for delusional ideas

"false gods and future robots"

controlling our essence, experience

if dwelling in every cell and soul

remains the reality that was born

from the beginning even to the end

The alpha and the omega depends

on itself, and alters atonement 

in a perpetual scheme of growth.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

During a deep discussion with lyrycsyntyme

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"False gods and future

"False gods and future robots" would make a great title for a book. Much more to take in here, but that thought came to me right off the bat. :)

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Out of this write, a

Out of this write, a thought:


What if the "DNA" of the human experience was designed so that, if one section of it might be altered, the proverbial code somewhere else on the strand would change to balance it out. The purpose of this, perhaps, as it regards to what we often call the spiritual level would be to ensure that the required human experience on this plane be maintained on a level playing field, regardless of era. I guess that goes back to the question whose answer can be speculated but not unconfirmed: Who is truly luckier, the rich man or the poor man?