Discreet Dance

No Eyelids


Nervously creeping through society

with quick nodding glances and peeks

to try to discern human behavior.

Feet shuffle on the vast concrete:

the discreet dance of normality.

Small talking every stranger in hope

things between us might blossom,

if only for a little vague moment

of real social and life-giving energy.


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We can move so fast, that

We can move so fast, that human interaction can be just a blur. A smudge on the glass of our day. One that we can mechanically and without hesitation wipe away, lacking proper pause. I'm still in a long process of personal discovery: is more lonely to walk in a crowd of strangers, or through a quiet woodland? I can only say that, following long stays in a place that could pass for wilderness, upon my temporary returns to city life I've been far more exceptional at not rubbing away the smudge. Perhaps, at doing that "discreet dance". I've unlearned a habit.


I really enjoyed this write, and especially appreciate how it has offered to aid my self reflection.