The Familiar Tree (corrupted roots in leather boots)

As I walked in the park today,

I noticed a certain tree

That stood out from the rest.

That tree reminded me of you,

Standing tall,

Tall and proud,

Yet was ashamed,

Ashamed that it was just a tree;

Nothing special.

Its branches reaching out

And high up towards the Heavens,

But its corrupted roots buried deep in the ground;

Unseen by the world.

All the autumn leaves had fallen off of this tree,

And it simply stood there,

Naked, Scared, and Cold.

This tree was beautiful,

More beautiful than any other tree on God's green Earth.

I fell in love with this tree

The moment I saw it...

Too soon perhaps.

And you wonder why this tree,

This simple tree,

Reminded me of you?

Well, you stand out from every girl I've ever seen,

You stand tall and proud,

Yet are ashamed,

Ashamed that you are just a human,

Nothing special;

Ashamed that you are just with me,

No one special.

Your arms wide open,

Your fingers gently brushing each horizon,

Yet your tainted heart buried deep in your chest,

Unseen by the world.

All of your hope for fulfilling your wishes have fallen off of your branches,

And you suffocate under the fallen dead leaves,

Naked, Scared, and Cold.

You are beautiful,

More beautiful than any other girl on God's gray Earth.

I fell in love with you,

The moment I saw you...

Too soon perhaps.

So this tree was very much like you,

Alive, but dead in the minds of most people.

I took a picture of this tree,

Then I quickly shed a simple tear,

And abruptly left,

For this tree had nothing to offer me,

Didn't want to be seen with me;

Didn't want anything to do with me.

That tree is no longer in my life,

But I still have that picture,

And every now and then

When the autumn leaves perish

And fall to the frigid ground

And crumble below careless stranger's feet,

I retrieve that picture from my wallet

And take a long, hard stare at those beautiful branches,

Reflecting on all that could have been.

I pray that this same result is not how our relationship

Will play out in the approaching sunsets and sunrises,

For I hope that you will open your eyes once again,

Just as the tree will soon decorate itself with livid leaves.

I wish that you could open up your heart once again

And realize that we were

And still are

Meant for one another.

I dream at night that you will open up your arms again,

Welcoming me into your life the next time we meet in November.


Proves to be insincere and unkind,


Tends to be frigid and opaque,

But spring

Will wash away the unpleasant past and we can start alive and anew,

And summer

Will bring a cheerful sun and memorable days in the park,

And maybe

You and me

Can be



The familiar tree.

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