First Day,

New Year,

You promised that you'd stay,

You promised that there'd be no fear.

First light,

First dark,

Such a suicidal sight,

Every lie leaves another permanent mark.

First sun,

First moon,

Our love was meant to last but now far away you run,

Why are you leaving so soon?

First fire,

First ice,

Two scarred souls saturated with lust and desire,

Two disposable corpses carelessly rolling the redemption dice.

First love,

First hate,

Rip out the delicate wings of a dove,

Taking the quickest and most direct route to our relationship's fatality and fate.

First touch,

First kiss,

I wish that I could hold you just once more, I miss you so much,

How I crave to once again smell that sweet scent of beautiful bliss.

First strong,

First weak,

Staring at the sidewalk wondering what went wrong,

As a toxic tear rapidly rolls down my cheek.

Too gentle,

Too rough,

Apparently my heart and dreams were just to you a rental,

Because my commitment and everlasting love for you I guess were just not enough.

First death,

First heartache,

Drowning in an ocean of tears as I savior my final breath,

Parting the seas of my soul and causing an emotional earthquake.

Countless cries,

Silent screams,

Livid lies and bloodstained butterflies,

Nightmares and Devils inside of dreams.

First day,

New Year,

The rain clouds start to separate and the sky is no longer gray,

Showcasing a smile on my face as I wipe away my tears, for February will soon be near.

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