Lizbeth wants
more to love


than the once
a day glimpse


or quick meet
on the field


with her love


during their
lunch recess


with hardly
time to talk


or to kiss
while prefect's


not watching
she wants to


be able
to make love


(at least try
what she'd read


in that book
the big girl


had shown her
and loaned her)


she wants now
to feel him


enter her
(as the book


had described)
to be one


in body
and in heart


to sense his
lips on hers


and other


secret parts
to feel him


kiss her bits

inner thighs


lids of eyes

her small tits


but in class
during maths


bored to tears
she thinks on


whose warm lips


had met hers
in the gym


during lunch


he shyly
not tonguing


just kissing
holding her


close to him
she sensing


his kisses
wanted more


making love
on the floor


but the bell
rang its chime


no more time
just the caught


of what they


did and not
leaving her

bored and hot.

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