Unintentional Yet Inevitable Gaslighter

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by DaddyO


Many former abuse victims view loving actions as gaslighting when they're not.


Ones actions are impossible to not be seen as gaslighting when the victim making the assertion against you's "truth" is acknowledged based on their past "feelings"; feelings driven by their abusive past rather than the current facts of the one showing love towards them. This is especially evident if they have a skewed version of reality influenced by substance abuse and/or mental illness (which quite likely was brought on by prior abuse).


Everytime you show a person like this the stark black and white truth of your loving actions and care the warm gaslight either flickers to a cold blue flame or is set ablaze in a scalding wild fire.

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not always viewed as

not always viewed as gaslighting, but sometimes as condescension. it's a lose-lose until an upswing

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Somehow, he made me believe I was crazy. After I left, I continued to gaslight myself. It has been a long hard road. I'm still healing.

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