"A Gentle Afternoon of Tea and Karaoke in Her Studio"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


One must keep his voice in tune
So a hot drink one cold afternoon
Was exactly what I carnally craved
Then she opened the door in her negligee
And lead me to her backroom cafe
So aromatic I wanted to stay
For she soothed like muted oolong tea
So sexy and smooth going down I see
And hear and feel every sense
Of her body's mood so taught and tense
It drew me just below her waist
To drink the corporeal taste
She's fully steeped so I sipped real slow
All she exudes from down below
Yes it was I who crawled into her bed
Without further adieu she said
"Right here my dear where you belong"
I tuned the knob to sing our song
The choruses and instrumental breaks
Played through each flawless mistake
Belting out from underneath
Passing 'tween my tongue and teeth
I hummed and moaned and sang the verse
See this is how we best conversed
She turned and twitched at my rhythmic pace
Wide open to my smiling face
Our lips so wet my beard was soaking
Singing cunnalingus karaoke

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2017, for Kat

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HerleensHeer's picture

all I have to say is .. damn

all I have to say is .. damn

Starward's picture

My words fail me in the face

My words fail me in the face of this.  Reading it was almost like being there.


[* /+/ ^]

BOEMSBYJA's picture

  Quite a racey karaoke Not


Quite a racey karaoke

Not your normal hokie pokie

But well written I must say

I hope you enjoyed the buffet


Thank you for the throbing read