She Sinks Ships (Alliteration)


Sailing, sailing, slowly seaward
skippers suddenly see,
storms swarm sailing ships
ships sail swollen seas.

Stormy seasons slowly stretch
skies stir silently,
slowly seaward ships sail
sudden storms, swollen seas.

"She sinks ships," skippers say
storms suddenly shift,
skies stir silently
slowly seaward stretch sailing ships.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've never penned one of these before, so I figured I'd give it a try.

palewingedpoetess's picture

Hey Cynthia!

Just wanted to let you know this wonderful alliteration poem of yours Did inspire a similar poem out of me. I'd be honored if you went to my sight and read it I titled it,"Spiteful Satisfaction' as you can tell by the title I used the S sound as well as that is very easily rolled off the tongue. Once again thank you for the inspiration. The credit goes all to you. All the best, Melissa Lundeen............

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Well, you did a darn fine job for a first timer!

now you've made me want to try this. I just may do that. Thanks for the inspiration. A poem like this is a very nice change. Far better than those my terribly awful, tragic life type poems one usually discovers on here. Some don't realize this is post poems dot com not lonely diaries cracked open to lure other people into your depression. Thanks for genuine effort to write a real poem. I look forward to reading more. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen