How could I have had possibly known?

How might I have guessed?

That I would have fallen for you,

Fall for you. It's for you I fall.

After just one touch. Just one.

How now can I bear to see you?

Now how could I begin to face you

Without the betraying of my heart.

Without betraying my heart. Without.

Do you feel the same way? Do you feel?

My thoughts are troubled tonight. Yes troubled

Please stay with me tonight. Stay please.

Speak to me from your heart. Speak!

Why won't you speak your heart? Please speak.

The silence of my yearning is deafening. So loud.

I feel much too timid to talk. As if the sound of my voice

Will echo around our world for evermore.

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Been there and of late have

Been there and of late have revisited those particular instances with excruciating clarity. Who would've known the cutting edge would not dull even with the passing of several too many a year!

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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