I was given the world

for my birthday, baby

was blessed with a heart

cursed with obligation

graced with a brain

tainted by inner narration.

Through hard work, I succeeded

then cut down in my prime

so very close to leaving

but not yet the time

through all the pain

anger frustration and hate

I survived to have found you

My heart anew, my lips agape.

My heart was reborn

my future now bright

found it had been worth it

a grand prize to this fight.

You could not have known

t'was hardly your fault

my heart’s been castrated

for my love you did halt.

I picked up the pieces of the

shattered mosaic of my life

you gave me fair warning

right from the start

I would not listen

over the beating of my heart.

Through all of this pain

I still had the delight

in courting another

enchanted by the chase.

No tears should you shed

not one drop is needed

for I followed my heart

whilst logic, went unheeded

The secret to happiness

there is not much to know

good health and a short memory

are the keys to your bliss

so I’ll plant this seed, reap from what I sow.

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