Possibly More?


I just met you

Found you through a friend

We have only talked for 2 days

But damn, I'm in a frenzy


I defiantly don’t know

Who, what, when, or why

But how much I'm starting

To fall in amazes me


To tell the truth, I don’t know

Exactly how you feel

Hell, you could hate me

But I’m needing to know


Exactly what you feel

Friends, at first of course

But do you think there

Could be anything between us


That is the big thing that

I need to know

Because I’m dying to know

If there’s a reason


That I should feel like this

But I do like you and feel

That we could be so much more

Do you feel the same?



Written on


September 11, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And yet another who couldnt even Make the sandwich, let alone cut the mustard.

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