Guys In My Life


All my short life,
I have had guys
Who wanted me to marry them
Some of whom, told me lies

But all that did,
Was push me farther away
Each and every time
So never did I stay

There were some who
All they did was tell me how it is
Or supposed to be
I found myself detesting this

So I left him
I found someone else, another
But, he wouldn’t stop talking of the ex
So I left him too, just like the others

I kept looking and found nothing
But liars, thieves, and fakes
Then I had this accident
So I pulled up all my stakes

I looked all around, after this
Found again, the same types
As I kept looking I kept a list
And through their names I put strikes

And I re-found you
So you told me how you felt before
And that it hasn’t changed too much
Well, except the fact that it became more

But now that I found you,
I talked about it
So many times
That you said enough of it

Not in so many words,
Yet you still made the point clear
Had I caused the same aching in you
That so many others had caused in me, dear

And for that I am sorry
But, at least we’re still talking
And moving forward towards a
Trip, one to which I will give anything

To have, I am so interested in taking
I know I won’t be able to drive
But you’ll be coming to see, me
Which I am so thankful to be alive

We both will be able to have
A time so enchanting
Even though we can’t do it all
Like we were planning

To take trips throughout the state
But oh well, we still get to see each other
And that is the real point of the trip
To physically see one another

So I know, and you know
That this trip will be far from a disappoint
Because in the end we will be able
To see each other and that is the point

Written on
August 4, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was about/for Scott Wolf. How the guys in my past are just that, memories. And that I made my desision and they are gone; but as for Scott, he hasnt made the mistakes that they have and he will be around for a long while.

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geneconner2008's picture

Yeah well this one is not

Yeah well this one is not going to hurt u or lie to u. We are just friends but I know the feeling