I’m getting tired of waiting
I know you are there
But I feel so used
There has been no contact
No reaching out from you
Nothing at all from you
Even though I’ve tried
To get a hold of you
I’ve sent you letters
And I’ve tried to get you messages
It’s been three months
With no word from you
I know I used the word
But I never thought
That I’d wait for this long
Just to hear from you
Three fucking months
No guy I’ve ever dated
Made me wait
For this long
And now I’m getting to the point
Where best friend
Or no best friend
I thought we could make this work
The long distance
Well we could
If that were the only issue
I don’t know what to think
Or feel
You are about to draw yourself
Outta my life
This time I am serious
When this month-and-a-half
Are done
You may as well put a line through my name
Because I am done

Written on
June 6, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have been waiting for four months and im sick and tired of waiting. Never before have I waited on a man for one day, let alone three f***ing months. Im tired of waiting.

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