Without You


Every day I wake up
With the hope you’ll be online
Fumbling through the day,
I go to sleep without you

And I know that it’s only for now
But everyday the depression worsens
As I don’t get to talk to you
But all this is just a person’s

Need to be near another person
Yet I know you are trying
To get everything in order
But all this is underlying

My need to be with you
And my want to hold you
Am I insane? Could I want a man
That will never be with me and still be true

No I highly doubt that
For the last ten years
He has wanted to be with me
With a passion so hot it sears

Both him and me, it does
Go to sleep without talking to you
I will, if that proves my love
And I do love you, so true

Yet this poem doesn’t have an end
Because I don’t want an end
Of you and I, and to you
All my love, to you, I send

Written on
April 30, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another poem written to Bri. About how I am missing him so badly. Its like I literally gave him my heart, and now that we arent talking, it breaks more and deeper each day we spend not talking.

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