For Cryin’ Out Loud


For cryin’ out loud
You know I love you
I always was the ice
You were always the fire
You know it’s so true

How during the winter
Even in the summer
I would get cold so easy
You were always the one
I would cling to make it better

So for cryin’ out loud
You know I love you
You gave me answers
When I asked you why
So for all that I love you

I was lost till I found you
And I never knew how far
Down I was falling
Before I reached the bottom
You have always been a star

Right in my heart
I just never knew that you were
Until here recently
When we talked and found
That we always were

Just waiting here for someone
To get the courage to speak
Then I finally did and oh
How that changed everything now we
Are strong where once we were weak

So for cryin’ out loud
You know I love you
Before we didn’t know
But now we do and never has
A love been this fuckin true

Written on
April 13, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written about Brian. About my love for him. Yes, I took Meatloaf's song title, but I also made the idea my own.

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