My Thoughts


I know I have never believed
In a heavenly being
But you've got me to think
In things I couldn't be seeing

While I still don't believe
In god I think that angels must fly
Because of you, and what you've done
And that is the whole reason why

I think you are one
Because after expressing your
Want to be with me
You turned around an told me of your

Wish for him to contact me
And that just set me aback
You couldn't have known that I sent
A letter to him hoping for one back

But I told you as much
And you said I hope
That he writes you back
So I told you I felt like a dope

For believing and you told me
That you hope he writes me back
If he doesn't want to be with me
He should cut me some slack

But in my heart of hearts
I know that he does care
And that nothing could be problematic
And I don't see a snare

That would be happening in our
Relationship but maybe that my wish
That he does love me, and its true
But I can't help but to have a slight niche

In my thinking that I cant help but
To think that maybe he's letting me
Down slowly even though I know
He is true to me and I can see

Written on
April 11, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was writen about a truely good friend, Gene Conner. How I was getting to the point of letting my guy go, and he pulled me back in by telling me what he feels and then telling me to move forward with the other guy. Thank you Gene.

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Thank you

There is secret inside poem that only us will know about. Donot give up on him. If this truly suppose to happen it will find away.