4ever gone

the card was cute,

but so wat,

i aint no damn flute.

im not no sweet song,

sorry u got it all wrong.

think im gonna let u run into my life n w time u want?

i'm not!

no more chances.

u gone, enhances my life.

ur the 1 that messed up.

u were a bad mother and wife.

what makes u think i want u in my life?

just because u had me,

doesnt mean i gotta b,

b there when ur lonely.

ur hungry for socialization,

but me, im to busy wit my education.

i aint worried about u.

truthfully, i'd rather have the flu.

life w/o u is so perfect.

wat? u thought it would b worst.

haha, wouldnt that b a first!

shoot, ur gonna make me burst.

right now im not gonna lie,

if u were to just die,

dont expext me to cry.

im not gona b sad,

but that dont mean i'll be glad.

i'll just ignore it.

it'll b like we never met.

wanna bet?

plz just leave me alone.

to me ur 4 eva gone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this to my om its a long story why

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Jenny Thompson's picture

Shorty, you stuff jus gets better as we get older.
Keep it up shorty, keep holdin us down up at the Fort gurl
love ya show me some love and stop by my poem thang cuz I added a few sence u've been there.