Do not enter greedily.

I am not ready

To entrust you yet

With my secret.

Place your fingers around my knob,

But dare not come inside to rob.

Slowly trace, along my crevice slide,

But do not spread me open wide.

First press yourself against me gently,

Listen for a sign of entry.

I will tell you when it's time,

With the rhythm of my rhyme.

Until then linger without a sound,

Imagination keeping you around,

As I ignite you with my tongue,

Whispering ancient tunes unsung.

And when my resistance wearing thin,

Aches enough to let you in,

Tired of taunting drop by drop,

I'll beg you in to never stop

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We'll written, finely

We'll written, finely constructed, and a sensual tease.Thanks!