My Phallic Lover


Who says that funny poets can’t write deep and meaningful, beautifully romantic be the judge!

My Phallic Lover

You're the train inside my tunnel

You're the finger in my glove

You're the gear stick in my gearbox

My god this must be love

You're the drill inside my cavity

You're the handle in my broom

The lead that fills my pencil

I'm your gate and you're my boom

You're the carrot in my crisper

You're the ladder to my loft

You're the pistol in my holster

Mind you don't go off!

You're the sword inside my scabbard

The sausage in my hotdog

You're the French stick in my basket

You're my snake and I'm your log

You're the eel that swims my waterhole

The utensil in my drawers

You're the cork that seals my bottle

Yes it's you that I adore

In my engine you're the piston

You're the toothpaste in my tube

The zucchini in my fettuccini

Oh I'm so in love with you

You're the rat inside my drainpipe

You're the log that burns my fire

The banana in my smoothie

Yes it's you that I desire

You're the bottle in my cooler

The plunger in my loo

Your torpedo fills my submarine

Yes my darling I love you

You are my phallic lover

We are a perfect fit

I'd like to do some things with you

If you'd be up to it?

So take me back to your place

And we can have some fun

It feels just right to hold you tight

As we two become as one.

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David Richardson's picture

How true incompasses all-for true love is the shining brilliant diamond on the beach of life-it is very rare very special and shines ao brilliantly even in the lightest of lights. For me the true beauty in life is not how many breaths you take but are the moments that take breaths away. This poem is brilliantly written with so much meaning and symbolism. Thank you Connie for sharing your artistic beauty with me once again and please take care.

Dave Richardson