What would we do without the wheel?

Nothing would turn that’s for real!

We use the wheel in so many ways

From the beginning and end of our days

Perpetual motion some have tried

Many have given up and died

The water wheel bringing life!

The Catherine wheel bringing death!

Roulette wheels make or break you

All over a little ball, oh what a hue!

Pushing trolley wheels as a kid

To that old rusty bomb, you gotta get rid!

From Cart wheels and Penny farthing bone-shakers

To Grand Prix racers

Wheel barrows to push~n~ pull mowers

All goes to help the growers

Let’s go ride on a Ferris wheel

All the excitement and thrill that you feel

Rollers skates to roller blades

Racing through colonnades

Everywhere you look and go, from great heights to deep lows

The humble wheel surely goes  

Railway lines and Tram lines

We’ll have to keep up with the times

Elevators to escalators, Ski lifts and push chairs

Transports us up and down, round and round, up stairs and down stairs

Sometimes the old wheel seizes up!

Just put it down to ole bad luck!

If you remember the jenny wheel or Hoola Hoop?

I dare say you’ve flown the coop!!

Next time you think about this marvelous invention

Always give it praise in human intervention!!



Columbo   Star

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pudnsis1's picture

Don't forget... Don't let your auto wheels sit at length or they will die of dry rot & loose their strength. :),:( great fun poem. Linda

Sasha_J's picture

Hey There Columbo What a natty piece of poetry, I love the way you strung the words together it was fun to read, a very well written poem thanks Susie