I wanted to be strong, but I'm not

I wanted to be strong, 

But I'm not. 

I wanted to be strong enough,

To don't cry with the words that you said to me. 

But I couldn't, 

After I read them, I felt destroyed.

As if my world was destroyed in that moment. 

I wanted to be strong enough, 

To tell you that what you said was only a lie that you created, 

But I knew that it wasn't a lie.

I wanted to be strong enough, 

To go talk with you, 

And say you that I didn't liked the way that you said what you said, and even worst, in a fucking text. 

I wanted to be strong, 


So strong that in this moment you would be insignificant to me. 

But I'm not.

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allets's picture

I Used To Be

strong enough but it got tiresome being cursed out a lot. Now, I reserve comment on that which is unchangeable. Nice write - cool interpret -A-