The Jones

Love & Romance

You’ve heard of the Jones’s; well this ain’t the same,
I’m talking state of heart; not someone’s name.
The Jones’s I’m talking isn’t something new,
I just thought I’d say I’m jone’sing for you.
You fill up my mind each moment of each day,
And if given the choice; I’d have it no other way.
You are the light in my darkness when I need to see,
You are the fresh breath of air each time that I breathe.
You’re my inspiration, whenever I write,
You’re the one I cuddle to in the middle of the night.
Have you grasped the concept of what the Jones’s is about?
It’s the way that I love you, don’t ever have doubt.

©2002Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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babblin's picture

Wow i must say this this is an awsome piece of writing. I like the rhyme that you use and just the way you prove that what is in a name. It doesnt mean anything but more so its the feeling that comes from the object thing or idea. Thanks for sharing and keep up the awsome work.