Love & Romance

New Poem 

"Hidden Desires"

From the moment we met, I longed for your touch

A kiss from your lips, is that asking too much?

A smile from you, directed my way

Would guarantee, I'd have; a great day

When you laugh, its like raindrops, refreshingly sweet

I listen intently, each time that you speak.

Your eyes have the sparkle, of the stars in the night

When you’re close to me, the world, simply feels right.

To know you as my partner, would be as knowing my soul

To have you as my mate is my hearts hidden goal

Hidden because... I fear losing my friend

I'd not risk doing that, for, a possible; romantic end

So quietly I say nothing, and admire from afar

Fearful to even say, how beautiful you are.

If you could feel for a moment, how I feel in my heart

Then you'd understand, it's you, I dream of, in the dark

To hold you in my arms, and protect you in life

To hold your heart, and make you my wife

For that gift; I'd always be faithful

For your love... I'd forever be grateful

From this life, to Eternity and beyond

If measured in time, I'd love you that long....


Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney ©02/005/2018