Love is worth the pain

Love & Romance



   I had a love, I thought was mine, but she just couldnt commit.
oh we had fun, I loved her alot, but she loved me a little bit.
I was willing to give my all, to make us last forever
she was was afraid I'd make her change, but, I would never!
I loved her for who she was, it was as simple as all that
but she just couldnt give all her love, she held alot of it back.
I loved how she made me feel, she brought out the best in me
But it seems She needed more, something I couldnt see
after a time she gave up, she felt she needed more
we had a fight, things were said, feelings got real sore.
Tho I loved her with all my heart, my body and my soul
she turned away what feelings she had, she turned them oh so cold.
All I ask from her was this... respect me, dont cheat, dont lie!
But I was asking way to much, but she couldnt tell me why.
so this love I let go, or maybe she, kicked me to the curb
whoever did, it matters not, we rarely speak a word
tho I miss her a whole lot, she seems to not miss me
so I say goodbye my love... one day I hope you see...
when you love, you give it all, it takes the work of two
what I miss most of all is cuddling up next to you!!


©10/30/2016 Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney

if you have someone, let them know everyday, how much you, love them and appriciate
everything they do, and dont be afraid to commit... love is worth the pain !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not my normal rambling but I had to post it... my life is an open book...

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