If I swore...

Love & Romance

If I swore...

If I swore to love you, until the end of time
would that be enough, for you to say your mine?
If I promised to never, hit or call you bad names
could you give me a chance, to prove I play no games.
If I tried my hardest to make all your dreams come true
would you consider "YES", if I ask to marry you?
would you try to love me, or are you just afraid
that I'd break your heart, by playing love as a game.
Can you just imagine, being loved for who you are,
Enjoying the feel of being spoiled, and being someones shining star.
When you going to notice, the love in front of you
Not by the one you settled for... but, by the one  chosen from above.


   Paul A. Posney

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persuasive write

ii enjoyed it.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....