Another Saturday.

    Once again, to see Ruth, I am my way.


       I got to her place.

       See the smile on her face.

      A very nice lunch meal.

      Good was how I did feel.

       See, I asked for the recipe.

         We went to the library.

         We looked at some writing magazines.

     Somebody else could be seen, studying for

         the MCAT.

           We had a good talk with her, see about poetry, and other things.  We learned her grandma does a poetry class.

    It was a great way to let time pass.  

            One thing about my friend,

   I never know what's going to happen beyond

   the bend.  

   Driving by the Historic society.  What did we see?

   A car parked in the driveway by the lawn,

   something was going on.

      We met up with Allison.

     She gave us a tour of the place, the space.

   We went to every floor.  We opened every door.

      This day, she really went out of her way.

       It's true, this tour, she really did not have to do.

         Then, to see her friends Jean and Flo in

   the nursing home, we did go.

      We visit them so they will feel less alone.

     Ice cream sundaes again were bought, we did like them

   a lot.   Ice cream a sweet dream.

         We went back to her place.

        A nice dinner.  A real winner.

       See, we were on our knees on the floor

    putting poems into folders.

      That was neat.

           Soon, I had to go home.

            Again, a great day with my friend.

   I hated to see it end.

          But, I know we'll see each other soon.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

thanks so much I'm glad you like the meals,the on the run events and had a good time. More to come I hope..