A beautiful day.

     Again, to see Ruth, I was on my way.

       I was sitting on the train,

   suddenly a slow CSX freight.  I hope that this would not make me late.  That would not be great.  

    It was neat, a real treat, to get

  a look for close not far at a tank car.          

      Again, I got off the train.

    "The eagle has landed." is what to Ruth I did say.

     "I'm on my way." is what see she did say to me.


  It was another day of fun.  As Ruth would say, we were on the run.  

     In the car, we would go near and far.


    We went to see her friend Wendy.

    We met Wendy's family and Wendy's friend Diane.

    Wendy's daughter was home from school.  I am sure she found it cool.

   I, see could hear the sounds of a TV.

   Boomerang, showing cartoons from my childhood.

  Memories so good.

    A cat meandered through.  A dog did too.

   The dog said, "could I have some cheese please?"

   Cheese, the dog was pleased many times to receive.

     We went out to the street to talk.

  Wendy's daughter had a parrot that did repeat what you did say, it was a great toy to play.  It was neat.

     The Mall.

    We looked at the stores all.

   On floors one and two, until we were through.

     We looked at different stores.

    The pet store.  All the pets all alone, looking for

  a home.

      We visited her ex-husband Steven, grandson Jonathon and daughter, Heatherdawn.  Who wished we were gone.  She did not like us coming by; it made her cry.


We visited her friend Jean and Flo in the nursing home.

       I felt bad, because most of the time they were alone.

   We had ice cream sundaes.  A taste just like a dream.

   We talked a while.  I think we made them smile.

     We saw her friend Jim.  We discussed among other things

  the barbeque.  I was glad that I was going too.

  It will be fun.  I was asked to bring hot dog rolls and

  hamburger buns.

  Again, the church dinner.  Again, a real winner.

     We went to the store called Wal.

  We looked at it all.

   We bought a card for Ruth's phone and

  the food for the barbeque.

   Then, we were through.

    We went back to Ruth's place to chat.

    She gave me a book.

   The look on my face.

   I have already taken a look.

    I was speechless, stunned, suprised, shocked.

    I, for a minute could not talk.


      It was soon time to go.

   We thought for a minute about me staying late.

   But, we said no, that would not be great.


   Again, a great time with my friend.  I hated for it to end.


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heatherburns35's picture

Hi Chris, sounds like you and ruth had a great day...
She is a wonderful person...Her friendship is a treasure to have.....